Save Money, Energy and Keep your Guests comfortable by avoiding wasted air conditioning with open windows, or leaving the air on when leaving the room or apartment

Air Conditioning Limiter

Basic solutions for AA savings

Energy Efficiency by controlling waste in the use of Air Conditioning

Save up to 53% on your electricity bill with Sensalora SL-0149, SL-0150 and DD-0149, the practical and simple system with wireless (maintenance and power free) kinetic detectors on windows, and a simple wireless receiver for cutting air conditioning power supply, or through magnetic card holders so that when you leave the apartment what you want is turned off, thus ensuring the rational use of energy in tourist apartments, rural houses, and hotels. Find out how to reduce costs and increase profits with our advanced technology.

consumo aire acondicionado

About us

At home automation and with Sensalora and Domodesk systems, we are dedicated to offering energy saving solutions to owners of tourist properties. With years of industry experience, we understand the challenges you face when managing vacation rentals. Our mission is to help you reduce your energy costs and maximize your benefits, all backed by a system that avoids recurring payments or maintenance, and that only requires, for some devices, the installation by a qualified electrician, the rest of devices you can do it yourself with a few instructions on our part, we are going to “teach you how to fish” not just “offer you fish”, and let you design and configure your system to your liking and needs with a appraised cost.

At domoticaencasa, we offer a full range of energy efficiency solutions designed specifically for tourist properties. Our state-of-the-art systems use intelligent technology, including, in advanced solutions, detectors with human presence radar technology, to optimize consumption and reduce your electricity bills. From remote monitoring to waste optimization and control, we have the tools to help you take full control of your energy use.

Basic solutions to save with Air Conditioning Limiter

At domoticaencasa through Sensalora and Domodesk, we offer a variety of products designed to meet your specific needs. From basic AA shutdown control systems when opening windows, to more advanced systems with more comprehensive management from an APP, with our smart devices working together to optimize energy efficiency in your tourist properties.

detector presencia humana

Intelligent human presence detector:

Control the air conditioner through presence detection and other scheduled settings.


Kinetic Windows Sensor:

Avoid wasting energy by turning off the air conditioning when the windows are open.

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If you are the owner of vacation rentals, tourist property manager or hotel owner, or simply want to control your air conditioning consumption, Domoticaencasa through Sensalora and our company Domodesk, with more than 25 years of experience, is here to help you. Our experts will guide you through the customized solutions that best suit your needs.


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